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Lafeme Bloc/Glance Rimless Smart Toilet

SKU ST19 Bloc
by Lafeme
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Current price $4,365.00
Material: Bloc (Ceramic Pan)

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Lafeme Smart Toilet

Lafeme’s Smart Toilet offers a tailored cleansing experience using a hygienic stream of water. Experience ultimate convenience and control all toilet functions with the app intelligent remote control or the quick side press panel. Enjoy the health benefits of the anti-bacterial seat that prevents germ growth and the convenience of the activated carbon deodoriser that neutralises unpleasant odours. Innovative and effortless with adjustable water temperature and an oscillating spray arm that provides a cleansing spray pattern to suit your needs.

  • 650 x 400 x 450mm 
  • Rimless clean flushing technology 
  • Self-cleansing automatic flush
  • Integrated smartphone app
  • 2 years replacement product/parts & labour
  • Australian standard

Bloc Smart Toilet

  • 650 x 400 x 450mm
  • Pan material: Ceramic
  • Internal material: Ceramic
  • S Trap set out: 300mm
  • Model: ST19

Glance Smart Toilet

  • 650 x 400 x 450mm
  • Pan material: ABS
  • Internal material: Ceramic
  • S Trap set out: 150mm
  • Model: ST20

Heated Seating

All Lafeme’s Smart Toilets come with heated seating. With 5 levels of temperature selection, you can choose the optimal temperature for each different season. Don’t ever worry about overheating - you’ll always be protected with Lafeme’s overheating protection.

  • Various level of temperatures
  • Overheating protection

No Cistern

  • Health: The tankless design draws water directly from the mains, therefore bacteria growth is minimised.
  • Energy Saving: The unit is inaudible and energy-efficient as it automatically enters sleep mode when not in use.
  • Comfortable: Enjoy clean health and optimal wellness with instant hot water, warm air drying and a self-cleaning spray arm that prevents cross-contamination.
  • Advanced Tech: Feel comfortable knowing that waste is eliminated using a high suction, siphon jet flush, with a rotating water current ensuring all waste is removed every time.


Lafeme’s smart toilets contain an active carbon deodoriser that will keep your toilet odourless for each individual.

  • Active carbon deodoriser
  • Gets rid of foul odours
  • Hygienic

Functional & Cost-Effective

Lafeme's smart toilets contain an intelligent chip, conserves energy, provides instant heat and a stable temperature.

Smartphone App

Connect to the smartphone APP and control your smart toilet with just one tap on the phone.

  • Only available with Lucci products
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Download the app and connect with your smart toilet

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