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Bathroom Renovation Process & Costs - Acqua Bathrooms

Bathroom Renovation Process & Costs

Bathroom Renovation Process & Costs

By: Chantal McCulligh  | Tags: Bathroom accessories, bathroom suppliers, bathroom renovation, bathroom renovators, bathroom builders, bathroom renovation process, Bathroom renovations cost | Posted: Oct 27, 2017

 A beautiful and comfortable bathroom lightens the mood and brightens every single day. The need for a bathroom renovation is most times not evitable and that’s more reason why you should put your bathroom renovations into consideration. Bathroom renovation costs and the process is made easy, durable, and affordable in Australia.

What are the bathroom renovations processes that you should know?


Bathroom Design

With the wealth of bathroom images and inspirations out there on Pinterest and Instagram, there’s definitely no shortage of beautiful modern bathroom designs or unique bathroom styles to get those juices flowing.  We also recommend browsing the website of two leading bathroom renovation experts. Acqua Bathrooms have a range of amazing bathroom products and their showroom experts will assist with all your bathroom products and accessories. One of Sydney’s finest bathroom renovators, Sphere Constructions, produce beautiful bathrooms, with high quality finishes. They go above and beyond, to make the whole experience easy and seamless.



Bathroom Fittings & Accessories

Once you have your bathroom design in mind, it’s time to select all your bathroom fittings and accessories. You will need to select a vanity, basin, toilet, shower screen, bathtub, mirror and accessories. Acqua Bathrooms have a great range of products, you will be sure to find something that will fit within your budget and taste.

Bathroom Builder

Bathroom renovators should be consulted for better ideas on how to go about your bathroom intended design. They are in the right position to furnish you with ideas, fixtures, and products to aid perfection on the renovation. Choosing the right bathroom builder is paramount, as you have one chance to get all the important elements right. Sphere Constructions have a proven record of delivering quality bathrooms which out preform expectations. You should ensure the builder is fully licensed, insured and is also qualified by waterproofing product suppliers, such as Ardex Australia.

Preparation and Protection

The bathroom renovators hereby prepare a scope on how the job will be done from scratch to finish. The scope serves as a guide for the renovation team and a clear understanding of the executing schedule to you as a client. The first day entails installation of dust protection systems such as protecting the entire house and homewares from building materials.


Demolition & Rough-in

The electrician and plumber who are also part of the bathroom renovation team will carry out their job and the site supervisor ensures dust is minimized during demolition, and the site remains clean.


Now, the new bathroom starts to unfold at this stage of the bathroom renovation process whereby all licensed trades such as Plasterers, Tilers, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, etc. begin to work according to their work programme. The Project Manager of the bathroom renovation company coordinates the team and ensures task execution and workmanship quality. For your convenience, Acqua Bathrooms have put together complete bathroom packages.



The Project Manager of the bathroom renovation company carries out thorough inspection of the work so far according to every trade at each stage of the job and then the bathroom can commence usage in absence of defects.  




If you are thinking of the cost to get all the above processes completed, then you should first have a rough estimate of what you are about to bargain for. These are few questions you should ask yourself on bathroom renovation cost estimation:

  • Plumbing: Am I installing new elements or moving?
  • Tiling: Is it necessary I tile the floor or the wall, or both?
  • Bath: Should I go for integrated or freestanding?
  • Toilet: Will I prefer to have a standard version or go for an in-wall cistern?
  • Vanity: Will wall mounted be more preferable?
  • Lighting: Should I go for task, general or mood.
  • Waterproofing: 7 years or 10 years warranty guarantee? Etc.

Answering the above questions leads you to some bathroom renovation costs that are unbelievably cheap and are no-hole-in-the-pocket offer:

  1. A cosmetics makeover simply means replacement of shower screen, taps, wall color, and vanity with waterproof retained and existing tiles work. This service cost between $5,000 - $9,000 in Australia.
  2. A complete small bathroom/ensuite renovation with the use of budget fittings and materials with a guarantee of 7 years cost between $9,000 - $14,000.
  3. Complete average size bathroom renovation with the use of mid-range fittings and materials goes for $14,000 - $19,000. This particular bathroom renovation job has a guarantee of 10 years and waterproofing ability.
  4. A complete high-end bathroom renovation with the use of top-range fittings and materials cost $19,000 +. This particular bathroom renovation job has a guarantee of 10 years and waterproofing ability.
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