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Best Bathroom Renovations to Sell your Home - Acqua Bathrooms

Best Bathroom Renovations to Sell your Home

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If only selling your home was as simple as sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn; life would be so much easier. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Usually, you have to clean your home, discover and fix repairs, do necessary upgrades and make your home as appealing as possible all without breaking the bank. It’s much easier said than done. 

Home renovations aren’t always the cheapest, so unless you have a money tree growing in your backyard, you probably want to know how to get as much bang for your buck as possible. Well, head to the bathroom because that’s where to start.
Bathrooms (and kitchens) can be a deal breaker or deal sealer when selling your home. Something that seems so trivial to the sale of your home such as a bathroom light fixture could actually send buyers for the front door.
But now that you know where to do the best renovations to sell your home, you need to know what are the best renovations to sell your home. You can count on us because not only have we created a list of value-increasing bathroom renovations, but we also have all the supplies you need.


Hooray for hardware

Allow small bathroom supplies to make a grand statement on the entire aesthetics of your home. Hardware can be found in every room in your home, so don’t limit this tip to just the bathroom. Although that is one of the most important places, so it’s a good place to start.Take a look around your flat and get rid of the dingy, dirty or dated hardware to instantly revitalize the space. From hooks, handles, and holders, to switches and door knobs, never overlook horrible hardware.


Ensuites always bring benefits en suite

We have yet to meet one person who doesn’t want a bathroom attached to their master bedroom. It’s not only a huge convenience, but it’s also a luxury that people want, especially if there's little ones running around; having an en suite then becomes an oasis. So if the budget calls for it, go with the ensuite and the value of your home will skyrocket. If you already have a master ensuite, consider upgrading it with a couple of luxuries to increase the appeal of your home, A whirlpool, heated rails, and double sinks will quickly make your home the ‘must see property’ on the block.


Say goodbye to standard showers

When you have a small budget for your bathroom renovations, it can be difficult to determine where to spend the money. The shower is always a good place to consider. While standard showers are great, upgrading it into a steam shower or even adding in a luxurious shower head can instantly revitalize the entire space.


Go bathroom big or go home

One sure-fire way to recreate the appeal of your bathroom is to revamp the focal points. Often times, these are the largest pieces of bathroom supplies. A large vanity and soaker tub will always stand out more than a towel rack but you need to make sure they’re giving off a desirable first impression. It takes only a couple of seconds for prospective homebuyers to form an opinion, so if your bathroom vanity, toilet or tub are eye soars, they need to be updated.


Fortunately, no matter your budget, there are options for you at Acqua Bathrooms. That’s what we do – we offer competitive prices for quality bathroom designs. So, get more for your home and property value with Acqua Bathrooms.

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