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Shower heads & rails

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Bathroom Showers

Shower accessories like the shower arms, shower heads, and the shower extension arm don’t always get the consideration they deserve. You may give your choice in shower screens and shower rail sets a little more thought. These items are more visible and they add to your shower options.

Whether you need to adjust the height of your water flow or you are into a complete renovation, you can improve the appearance and function of your shower with one of our new shower arms.

A shower extension arm adds height so you can enjoy your shower from head to toe!

We offer a choice of round, hook, square, and gooseneck shower arms for a variety of needs. Combine with a new shower head for an exhilarating shower experience. The Linsol Euro shower head is all directional and comes with a 15 year warranty! Both the Novara 200mm plastic round shower head and 200mm square plastic shower head put out 9L of water per minute and have a 3 star WELS approved rating. We also offer ultra thin shower heads in black made from stainless steel.

Our shower rail sets let you add a handheld shower to your bath for more versatile bathing options. Shower rail sets give you more range for greater flexibility while the handheld sets connect directly with the wall.